Handbags every woman needs in her closet

Every woman has a style obsession. Some love shoes, some have 50 pairs of leggings and some women have an undying love for a good handbag. I admit: I’m a purse gal myself. I have collected handbags from all over during my travels – vintage finds, sentimental mementos or even the investment bag that I spent way too much money on.

In my years of collecting my wardrobe obsession, I have realized that there are truly five types of handbag that every woman needs to have in her closet. These will be staples that they can wear with practically anything in their wardrobe and will be in style for years.

1. Clutch

This bag is perfect for going out, date night or when you don’t want to carry a giant purse. To me, a clutch is a fun way to add a different color or texture element to an outfit. This bag is for a girl who likes to travel light and just pack the essentials with her for the night: phone, cards, cash and lipstick.

2. Crossbody

Crossbody bags are perfect when you want to keep your hands free. This bag is perfect for running errands, going to concerts or festivals and traveling.

3. Structured top handle

This bag is chic and great for the office. Structured bags will keep their shape while making a statement with any outfit.

4. Tote

Sometimes a girl on the go, like myself, has to go from the gym to work to an event – which means having to pack A LOT with you throughout the day. A tote bag is perfect to carry around your laptop, shoe changes, makeup and anything else you might need.

5. Investment bag

Every woman has that one dream bag, the bag that you have lusted over for years and can never bring yourself to spend the money on it. You save up and finally buy it and have it for years sometimes generations to come. These bags are great quality and beautiful.

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