Importance of Shoes for a Passionate Cricketer

In cricket, we all have seen the importance of medium Pacers and how they change the game. Their importance is seen in the first 10 and the last ten overs. There is a need for a mix of pace and swing to achieve good progress in their bowling. One of the most important is normal swing in the early overs and reverse swing in the last ten overs of an ODI game. The main needs to achieve good pace and swing ACCORDING to the needs of the game are good height, lean body, shining the ball at the right time, the weather should also play a role and then BEST CRICKETING SHOES FOR FAST BOWLERS.


The first three are related to physique, environment, and conditions but the last one, that is the best shoes required is to be selected based on one’s comfort and size and also their usage.

The shoes should be good for running very fast while fielding in the deeps and also for gentle runup when bowling. The weight of the shoes should be very less so that the bowlers don’t have to feel the added weight while bowling and taking the jump and carry during their actions. Jump is one of the most important aspect and needs specific focus. Adidas has specifically designed for that med pacer who has a higher jump and also for those who have shorter jump.

Landing is another reason for buying good shoes. Your landing should not injure your ankle and shoes are those protectors that take the pressure of your foot and distribute it. Poor quality shoes may twist and cause a wrong landing on the side of the foot causing injuries. Similar is the case with very heavy shoes.

The grip of the shoes coming along with spikes also needs to be checked. It’s better we actually check not with second-hand shoes of our friends before we go on to buy one as we cannot check the grip in the showroom.

Minor changes in the shape actually matter, because narrower shoes cause inflexibility of the toes and hence a broader shoe tip is recommended so that your foot fingers are free and u dont find it very uncomfortable to stand or while running.

The size of the shoe should be selected based on the size of the socks. If u are wearing thick socks in English conditions of cold weather u need to choose one size higher on that u don’t find it uncomfortable or inflexible. Also when u need to free up with thinner socks u need to wear one size lower and ensure it feels like a feather covering your foot.

This shows that choosing the best shoes for fast bowlers need a lot of thought process about once own needs comforts and approach towards the game and there is no generalized one room fits all approach for that. This is specifically applied for professional cricketers or those aspiring to be one. Thanks for reading!

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